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10 Advantages to Being a Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur

The life of a freelance writer – whether writing and selling your own products, or writing for clients – can be a tough one. But it can also be extremely rewarding and fun. Here are a few advantages to being a freelance writer and entrepreneur.

1. As a freelance writer producing and publishing my own products, I love that I can write about any topic I choose. This freedom to explore and write about topics of my own interests – my personal passions – keeps my mind alive and young, even as my body ages.

Writing from my passions has been one of the true joys of being a writer. For many years, I wrote travel articles, traveling around Europe and Britain with a backpack and rail pass. Then I grew as a writer so I could actually write about writing, which has been my primary focus ever since. And it is still my passion.

The vast diversity of topics possible to write about always amazes me. And as I get older and learn more, I realize how much more I have to learn about any given topic. That's lifelong learning at its best.

2. As a freelancer, I love being involved in a diversity of topics, tasks, projects, and goals, all at my whim and will.

Any professional writer will tell you that they are involved in a variety of projects at any given time, usually in different genres and topics.

I am often asked by civilians who have not seen me for a while, "How's that book going?"

And I stare at them, trying to remember the project I was working on at the time; I…

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