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Doing What You Most Enjoy – Freelance Travel Writing

Freelance travel writing has to rank as the most subscribed of all of the disciplines in the field. Everyone wants to picture themselves as the next author of an internationally-acclaimed travel guide and even those without an extensive experience of traveling will still want to be included in this field.

Obviously, rule number one to produce truly great freelance travel writing has to be a massive passion for this pass-time in the first place. It just will not do if you are ‘sort of’ interested in travel. You need to have the desire to travel literally coursing through your veins and only then will translate this into the best-received freelance travel writing.

You also need to have done some traveling in your life. The best freelance travel writing content is the work that is submitted from a person who has experienced a wide variety of cultures around the world. This will allow them to draw comparisons and to differentiate between certain destinations and definitely makes for more more pertinent and interesting content.

If you are lucky enough to be in command of this experience and passion for freelance travel writing, you are already half way towards choosing a career that you will really enjoy. When applying for jobs in freelance travel writing, this is definitely the subject where your proposal can stand out and really shine. Make note of the destination (s) your client is after and never lie about having been there in the past to secure the work. I…

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