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Freelance Writing Advice For Beginners

There are many myths about the job of freelance writing floating around both in the real world and around in the online world. Writers can work whenever they want. They can work wherever they want. Writing is a job of freedom, and writers have additional security that no one else has. While there are certain elements of truth to these starry-eyed dreams, the reality of life for freelance writers is quite different, as freelance writing is a hard job.

Many writers find them starting starting out working 60-80 hours a week for something like $ 3-4 an hour, and many give up shortly after that, realizing flipping burgers not only pays better, but is less work. The writers who do not give up ever get better and make more money.

This does not mean that there are not benefits to freelance writing. Writers who have a solid income can move their daily schedules around though they see fit and as long as the work gets done, working from home can be a blessing, but freelance writing is still far from the dreamy job of absolute freedom that many would- Be writers envision.

There’s also the money issue. As “Writer’s Market” loves to bring up, something in the realm of around 90% of all freelance writers do not even make $ 10,000 a year. That’s the type of beginning that new freelance writers must be prepared to face when they get started.

Do some research, and have a plan. The combination of both is what will separate would-be writers from the writers who make it,…

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