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Freelancing Does not Mean Free

I’m a freelance writer. Now, that job title has never earned the respect that it describes but, in this day and age of outsourcing and working correctly, being a freelance writer appears to signify to many buyers that one of the services are to have had at a very low cost. One has to wonder why.

One of the biggest challenges facing freelance writers today, especially those of us who provide our services online, is outsourcing. Although a global economy is certainly down the road, for now, there are Western workers and non-Western workers. What I mean is that an economy is not competitive if the wages required to live in one economy are vastly different from those required to live in another.

Yes, I’m talking specifically about the outsourcing of jobs – writing jobs, customer service jobs, assembly jobs, whatever – to countries such as India, Pakistan, etc. Look, the reality is that making five dollars an hour in India is like making $ 50 an hour here in the US We just can not compete. Not because we do not want to, but because we simply can not. I’ve been involved in many a debate about how American writers charge too much for their services as compared with offshore providers.

The reality is that American workers literally can not work for $ 5 an hour. That’s less than minimum wage and will earn us a nice cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. It’s not a realistic wage for this country. It is however, a realistic wage for someone living in a nation…

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