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How To Get Clients Being A Freelance Designer

This might be the most important post i have written until now. Assuming you meet the minimum requirements to be able to work as a freelance designer via internet: you must know English, have a Paypal account, a quality online portfolio… What can we do to get a job?

As i said many times the promotion of your services is the key in this business, don’t think that because you are very good people will come from nowhere to ask you to work for them. IT’S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE.

This is the idea:

  1. Get the maximum possible people to visit our website.
  2. Have a good relationship with search engines.
  3. Trafic oriented to possible clients.
  4. Reusing clients: newsletter.
  5. Local publicity.
  6. Getting a good representative.
  7. Contacting the companies directly.

1.- Get the maximum possible people to visit our website.

Why? Silly question, isn’t it? It’s obvious that while more people visit our website the bigger the chances to get clients. ERROR!!!!

Let me give a little suspense… an example: SOSFactory a couple of months ago had 4000 visits per month, not long ago i got a link with a lot of traffic and now it has more than 25000, you would say the number of clients has grown?… Well no, it’s still the same. But the consumed bandwidth did grow, maybe soon i’ll have to upgrade my hosting plan, which means investing more money. The idea is that until a certain point, the quality of the traffic is more important than quantity.

The question in your head…

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