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Make Money Online By Doing Mini Jobs At Home

Dear readers, today I came up with new article to help you make money online by doing mini jobs at your home. As internet is the ocean of information, same is with the opportunities of online business and part time jobs. There are countless variety in online jobs and the amount you can earn online.

In this article I am going to discuss some freelance kind of websites, which offers you the opportunity to do work at home job. In freelance sites, buyer post projects and you bid on them to earn project, while here, you will say that “I am ready to do this job for just 10$” and the buyer, who will be interested in such a jobs, will find you and offer you an order. The sites I am talking about are explained below.

Fiverr Review.

This is five $ mini job site. The registration is free they charge commission on each sell you made. Here you can offer what ever you can do for 5$. Once interested buyer finds the job offered by you, he will pay for it you will get the job.

JustAFive Review.

Another mini job site expanded facility from fiverr and allow you to post job for 3 different price bands. You can offer work for 5$, 10$ and 20$. I think this is better place, where you can offer different kind of jobs with multiple cost bands. Again the registration is free and they will charge commission on each sell you made.

JustFor10 Review.

Initially this was developed as 10$ job platform, now they have extended to 5$ and 20$ job also. Similar to JustAFive.

GigsWood Review.

This is another mini job…

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