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Modeling Agencies Vs Freelance Modeling

When it comes to your career, choosing between modeling agencies and freelance modeling can be a difficult choice. We will take a look at some of the aspects both of these choices offer you to assist you with your decision.


Your personal safety is a very important part of your modeling career. A lot of models have been hurt in the past due to unwanted advances. Where safety is concerned agencies wins hands free. They take time to ensure that all potential employers are legitimate and not out harm those in the industry. If you pick the freelance option you will be required to do all of this research yourself.

Legal Aspects

Where the legal side of the industry are concerned the modeling agencies walks away with the award. Agencies have the legal means to protect the people they represent. They can also include specific stipulations in their contracts to ensure that the candidate’s privacy and values ​​are protected. A freelancer does not have this level of legal cover.


In the payment arena, freelance modeling is the clear winner. Agencies charge commission on every booking made. This means a freelancer gets the full amount for the job done, while an agency applicant will only receive part of it.

Another payment aspect you need to take into consideration is the types of clients modeling agencies draws, a company with a good repute will only hire a freelance candidate that has a good reputation or if they have worked with the…

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