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Writing a Comedy Church Skit – How to Create Funny Characters

A comedy skit can be effectively used in church worship services to communicate Biblical truth. And you don’t have to be a professional writer or actor to create funny characters and humorous drama that is entertaining, but still makes a powerful, spiritual impact on your church congregation. Although I work professionally as a freelance copywriter, I have also written church drama for over 20 years. Here are some skit writing techniques I use to create funny characters and humorous church drama.

Form church skit characters around your actors

A Hollywood script creates a character and then the director finds an actor to play that part. But that’s Hollywood. And those actors are professionals. They dedicate themselves to learning how to play a variety of characters.

The actors in your church skit are mostly amateurs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. But they won’t be as versatile as a professional. So instead of making them adapt to a part in your skit, adapt the skit part to them. In other words, write the part to complement their natural personality and talents. If your actor is naturally gregarious, make their skit character gregarious. If in real life, they are thoughtful and analytical, make their skit character the same way. If they have demonstrated talents, like a French accent or an Elvis impersonation, incorporate it into the skit. By forming the characters of your drama around the actual personalities and talents of your actors, you create a part that is…

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